Flu Season, What to do??

Yes, it is the flu season and the big question is; do I get the flu shot or not? Join in this episode and we will provide some information to make the decision a little easier. We will discuss the effectiveness and alternatives. Just working to keep you healthier.

Drs. Fox

Genetics is something that we have all heard about in recent years. It runs everything in our body, right? Not so fast, this is where epigenetics comes into the picture. Think of genetics as hardware of a computer. Now, think of epigenetics as the software, and we all know proper software makes the difference. Join us to learn how we can program, or reprogram, our genetics through epigentics to have better health.

If you have had a Dexxa scan, and been told you have thinning bones, osteoporosis or osteopenia, then you have probably been told you need to take drug for that. Some of the more common drugs for this condition are the 'bisphosphonates'. New research sheds light on why you may want to think twice before taking these drugs. Join in and find out about this and what you can do to regain your 'bone health'.

October 28, 2017

Breast cancer prevention!

In this episode we are going to explore not just breast cancer awareness, but breast cancer prevention as well. We will discuss the ways to determine your risk as well as things you can do to prevent this most dreaded  form of cancer. Join us so you can take another step to help you live healthy and be healthy!

Drs. Jim and Janine

October 2, 2017

Health starts in the gut!

Health starts in the gut!

Like the title says; Health starts in the gut! More and more we are surprised at the reaction we get when we make that statement. It sounds simple, but can be very difficult to make the correct changes necessary to obtain proper health. That is where we come in, great advice, and remember, there is never a charge to talk to one of the doctors. Join us and find out about this great health secret.



Iron, what you need to know before jumping in.

Join us in this episode regarding the valuable nutrient, iron. Iron indeed is a valuable nutrient, but can we get too much? Does everybody need to supplement with iron? We will dig into the details and help you stay healthy.

Prediabetes, and diabetes, is growing faster than modern medicine can keep up. Join in this episode and find out what you need to know to correct the problem and prevent a lifetime of suffering. Get the information you need to Live Healthy and Be Healthy!

Pain relief, we all need some help occasionally, but where do we turn? Recently there has been a lot of headlines about the negative consequences of taking the OTC and prescription NSAIDs for pain and inflammation. In this episode we will explore the natural compounds for anti-inflammatory help. Join us to learn more about what you need to know to Live Healthy and Be Healthy!

If you develop high blood pressure you are immediately put on a medication and told you will have to take this medicine the rest of your life. Sound familiar? Is that the only option? What about looking for the cause? In this episode we are going to explore other options and things that can be the underlying cause of this “silent killer”. Join us to learn what you need to know so you can Live Healthy and Be Healthy!




In this episode we are going to explore the OmegaCheck™ blood test that reveals our omega 3 and 6 levels so we can manage them and reduce our risk of heart disease and maintain optimal brain health as well. Valuable information that we all need to Live Healthy and Be Healthy!

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